Do’s & Don’ts

Grantham Indoor Do’s and Don’ts

This is a quick list of topics that frequently show up, and IS NOT a full representation of our policies. The Grantham Indoor handbook should be read fully.


  • Get your team roster in as early as possible with waivers and birth certificates for each player. To secure a spot in the bracket for your team, you MUST put a deposit down; your teams spot will not be honored without a deposit.
  • Get individual applications with birth certificates in as early as possible for a better chance of us being able to find a team for the applicant to play on.
  • Check on our Age Requirements to be sure that you qualify for a league that you are signing up for.
  • Check on our Webpage or our Facebook page for updates and more
  • Read over the Grantham Indoor handbook and all the rules / regulations.
  • Have all payments made in full by the start of the first week.
  • Be respectful of all choices made by our officiating crews.
  • Be respectful of everyone else in the building, please remember that there are young children around so please be aware of your language.
  • Please clean up after yourself when using our facilities.
  • Frequently communicate with Grantham Indoor Staff and your coaches about any questions or concerns that you may have


  • Do not cheer against the other team, but instead cheer for your team.
  • Do not bring your own athletic balls into the facility, we provide warm up and game balls for all sports / activities
  • Do not bring balloons into our facility
  • You may bring in your own food / beverages, however you MAY NOT eat your own food in our restaurant area (Spikes Grille). Please be respectful of the fact that it is a restaurant, and that the tables / space is for customers of Spikes only. When you do bring your own food in, please try not to bring common allergy foods in (nuts, soy…). You may eat your own food on the bleachers or along the spectator side of the fields.
  • Do not bring Alcohol into the facility. If you wish to purchase Alcohol from Spikes Grille, please have your ID ready and stay within the restaurant area with your beverage.
  • Do not use tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and vapes in our facility. If you would like to use these products, please do so outdoors and away from the entry way to the building.
  • Do not bring Chewing Gum into the facility
  • Do not bring Pets into our facility