Frequently Asked Questions

This is a quick list of topics that frequently show up, and IS NOT a full representation of our policies. The Grantham Indoor handbook should be read in full.

Q: Where can I find the league / team schedules?

A: Team and League schedules can be found on our webpage. If the correct schedule is not located under that activity / age bracket, then please refer to the Google Calendar that is displayed as a right hand sidebar on the homepage. Typically, coaches will send out schedules and reminders.

Q: Can any scheduling requests be made?

A: Yes, but also no. Any and all scheduling requests must be made through coaches. Coaches must email Grantham Indoor with their scheduling request, and must fully explain the request and the situation. We will look at the request and look at the timing of the request, then figure out if we can make a change or not. Due to the amount of requests that we receive, we will try our best but they ARE NOT Guaranteed. It is also recommended that requests come in as early as possible. The more time that passes, the less of a chance there is that we can fulfill that request.

Q: Do you rent out your facility for: ___________?

A: It depends on the event and the final choice is made by Grantham Indoor Management. Typically, our facility has been rented out for athletic practices, birthday parties, office parties, fantasy drafts, people who would like to come use the field to walk / workout on their own, and more. Please ask us for details if you have an idea or if you have an event that you would like to see run in Grantham Indoor.

Q: When is the facility open?

A: Due to varying schedules, Grantham Indoor Hours change each day. From October – May, normally someone is here after 4:30PM on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends. PLEASE CALL AHEAD to make sure that someone is here, or if you would like to book a tee-time or event so that we can make sure someone is here.

Q: When is my payment due? How can I make a payment?

A: Payments are due in full prior to the first week of the league or prior to the event starting. Payments can be made over the phone (please have card information ready with billing address), in person, or through a coach. Checks payable to Grantham Indoor.

Q: How do I secure my team or my event a spot in the leagues or in the schedule?

A: In order to secure a spot for any team or activity (such as a birthday party); at Grantham Indoor a deposit must be placed. Without a deposit, there is no guarantee that your spot will be secured.

Q: What happens with Birth Certificates that are turned in as proof of age?

A: We need to collect Birth Certificates from each athlete as proof of age. Once we have the birth-date on file for an athlete, we no longer need to collect it year after year. When we get the Certificates, the name and birth-date of the child is entered into our system. After that the Certificate gets shredded. If you would like the certificate back; please let us know that when you turn it in. Passports are also accepted as proof of age.

Q: How do the rosters work (Soccer)? Can I add / drop from the roster as a coach? What are the roster limits?

A: The roster limit is 14 players, no exceptions. You may not have sub or reserve players listed beyond the 14. You may add and drop up to the 6th week of the season. After the 6th week, coaches / captains my petition to add a player due to hardship / injury, but ONLY in exceptional circumstances. Final decisions are made by Grantham Indoor Management. The use of a player that is not on a roster or not of age for that league will result in a immediate for-fit for that team. Players may play on multiple teams, but NOT on a team that is in the same league.

Q: What should I wear for a uniform, and what equipment do I have to have with me?

A: It is up to the teams / coaches to decide uniforms. If it is your first game and you have not heard from your coach about what to wear, please bring a dark and a light color shirt with you. Also, please note that if needed, we can provide pennies that must be returned.

A: For equipment, youth leagues (with the exception of the clinics) are required to have shin guards on them. Mouth guards are optional. For adult leagues, both shin guards and mouth guards are optional. Please remember that your choice not to wear a piece of equipment is at your own risk. Please do not bring in your own athletic balls, Grantham Indoor provides all practice and game balls.

A: Shoe Policy: Sneakers are allowed. Small, non-aggressive indoor turf shoes are allowed. Under no circumstances are molded cleats, metal cleats, or any other type of cleat allowed on the indoor turf. Boots, sandals, or any other molded or open toed shoe is also not allowed. If your shoe has excess dirt or mud on it you may be asked to change or get a new pair. Please wipe your feet in our breezeway as you come into the facility. The best way to describe a turf shoe is that it looks like a molded, rubber cleat, however the molds are significantly smaller in size, and they are rounded off.

Q: I have never, or my child has never played soccer (or any other activity that we offer) before, can we still participate?

A: Absolutely, Grantham Indoor is an indoor sports facility that provides a wide variety of athletic opportunities to people of all ages and abilities.

Q: I forgot mouth guard, or I need pre-wrap or athletic tape, do you have any?

A: We do have these items. Mouth Guards (single pack) are sold for $2.00 and Athletic Tape / Pre-Wrap (single roll) is sold for $3.00. We also offer basic first aid supplies as needed at no cost

Q: I would like to be a sponsor and have my business logo on one of your boards, or hanging up somewhere in the facility; how is this possible?

A: Prices and packages will vary, please see a Grantham Indoor Staff Member, or check on our webpage for our Sponsorship Information Packet.

Q: Does Grantham Indoor offer any gift cards?

A: Yes, we do offer gift cards. They are most popular for our Golf Center, our Batting Cages, and for Spikes Grille. Please contact us for more information.

Q: I lost my: ____________. Do you have it?

A: Anything that we find gets placed into our Lost and Found. Clothing, cleats, backpacks, equipment and water bottles are kept in the area outside the office to the right of the information table. Jewelry, electronics, and smaller items need to be asked for as they are kept in the office.